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Mario Hernandez



 He participates in the training of his first dog in 1994, continuing his

learning taking several courses for the handling and control of the dog in different

both civil and sports disciplines:


Civil obedience, sports obedience, civil clicker training, agility, various specific courses on obedience, tracking, attack and defense, herding courses.

Collaborator and writer of articles for the App 11pets (application dedicated to the care

and the well-being of our pets).


Accredited by the National Association of Professional Canine Trainers (ANACP):


As a professional dog trainer, behavior modifier, and Exemplary Canine Citizen (CCE) judge.

Partner in turn of said association.




  - Sub-champion of Catalonia by teams (2007-2008)


  - Third in Catalonia in individual agility and Champion of Catalonia in teams  (2008-2009)


  - Runner-up of Catalonia in team agility (2010-2011).


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